Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of galloping across Dartmoor’s wild and expansive landscape…  It’s the kind of feeling that never leaves you, and it’s fantastic to be able to share this with our guests.  In fact, the very idea behind Liberty Trails came about as a combined expression of our love of horses and a passion for Dartmoor.  However, in this particular post we’d like to pay special attention to the second part of that statement….  After all, we recognise that gallavanting across Dartmoor at high speed isn’t everyone’s idea of fun!  Having grown up enjoying everything this beautiful corner of the world has to offer, it’s first and foremost our mission to share this with our guests – in whatever form that might take.  And of course, riding is just one of a multitude of ways to explore Dartmoor.

Many of the people that come to join us on Dartmoor do so alongside family members or friends who aren’t such keen riders.  And we love the variety that provides…  In the past, we’ve organised a whole host of different activities for our guests such a climbing, fishing, hiking, archery, cooking lessons…  You name it – Dartmoor has it.  And we’re here to prove it.

If you’re into fishing, you’re in for a treat because our friends at The Arundell Arms Hotel happen to be one of the best fishing hotels around.  And that’s no exaggeration, having recently been voted the Best Fishing School in the UK.  They cater for beginners alongside more advanced anglers, and offer everything in-between.


For those that prefer to explore on foot rather than horseback, there are lots of beautiful walks to be enjoyed on Dartmoor.  Whether you’re looking for something more challenging, or simply a gentle stroll, Dartmoor really has it all.  We’re happy to recommend some of our own personal favourite routes, or alternatively we can arrange expert guidance to ensure you get the very most out of the experience.

And it’s not just the more obvious activities you’ll find here on Dartmoor…  With vintage car tours, champagne hot air ballooning, and cooking lessons all on offer, there are plenty of ways to make your time with us here extra special.  Coming up with new, exciting ideas is something we love so don’t hesitate to ask.


Liberty Trails is all about bringing people together, and we’re big believers that conflicting hobbies shouldn’t stand in the way of that.  Whilst you might be enjoying different activities during the day, we always find a way of bringing you together for lunch or tea.  It’s great to ‘check-in’ and share experiences throughout the day, and we find that it’s in moments like these that memories and stories really start to come alive.

Whatever your passion, you can be sure to find it here on Dartmoor.  Just let us know what you’re looking for, and leave it up to us to do the rest.  This is the kind of experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon…

Call Elaine on 07967 823674 and email to put together a tailored made experience to please everyone