Dartmoor National Park

Wide open spaces, rolling hills and miles of grassland

An unforgettable landscape awaits

Dartmoor National Park is, quite simply, spectacular. The landscape here has changed little for thousands of years; exploring it on horseback is almost like stepping into the past. With its ancient woodlands, high granite tors, winding valleys, sparkling streams and vast tracts of rolling moorland, at more than 368 square miles it’s the largest and wildest area of open country in the south of England.

Wherever you look you’ll find evidence of how man has farmed and lived on Dartmoor for 12,000 years, leaving his indelible mark on a landscape that is as rich and diverse in its traditions and folklore as it is in its flora and fauna. As you ride across Dartmoor, you’ll discover remnants of our ancient past scattered across the landscape: a solitary standing stone, a circle of granite boulders or an ancient cross. It’s a land that’s full of myths and legends, a land that holds endless stories.

Dartmoor itself is ever-changing: no two days are the same, and the weather and light can transform dramatically through the course of a day. With sweeping vistas, huge blue skies and unforgettable drama, Dartmoor is unlike anywhere else in the UK. It has a character all of its own – sometimes bleak and windswept, other times sun-kissed and crisp. With spectacular sunrises, birdsong, heather-carpeted hills and flower-strewn hedgerows it’s a feast for all the senses – a perfect antidote to the stress of modern life.