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Lost your nerve? Dartmoor for the non-horsey

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Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of galloping across Dartmoor’s wild and expansive landscape…  It’s the kind of feeling that never leaves you, and it’s fantastic to be able to share this with our guests.  In fact, the very idea behind Liberty Trails came about as a combined expression of our love of horses and a passion for Dartmoor.  However, in this particular post we’d like to pay special attention to the second part of that statement….  After all, we recognise that gallavanting across Dartmoor at high speed isn’t everyone’s idea of fun!  Having grown up enjoying everything this beautiful corner of the world has to offer, it’s first and foremost our mission to share this with our guests - in whatever form that might take.  And of course, riding is just one of a multitude of ways to explore Dartmoor. Many of the people that come to join us on Dartmoor do so alongside family members or friends who aren’t such keen riders.  And we love the variety that provides…  In the past, we’ve organised a whole host of different activities for our guests such a climbing, fishing, hiking, archery, cooking lessons…  You name it - Dartmoor has it.  And we’re here to prove it. If you’re into fishing, you’re in for a treat because our friends at The Arundell Arms Hotel happen to be one of the best fishing hotels around.  And that’s no exaggeration, having recently been voted the Best Fishing School in the UK.  They cater for beginners alongside more advanced anglers, and offer everything in-between. For those that prefer to explore on foot rather than horseback, there are lots of beautiful walks to be enjoyed on Dartmoor.  Whether you’re looking for [...]

The Gaitpost hail the Dartmoor Derby pilot as a triumph

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The Gaitpost was delighted to catch up with Lucy Higginson, former editor of Horse & Hound and test rider at the Dartmoor Derby pilot event, to hear more about this unique, luxury multi-day riding challenge inspired by the rugged and breathtaking annual challenge across the Steppes, the Mongol Derby, and the enduring appeal of chic African riding safaris. […]

Sheer Heaven says The Horse and Hound of the Dartmoor Derby

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Camping with your horse at the end of September might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect way to spend a weekend, but Dartmoor has long held a special place in my heart, so simply hearing the words “Dartmoor Derby” immediately made me prick my ears. With fond memories of family holidays that always seemed to involve a stop by the River Dart and more recent hunting trips on the moor with our own horses, this magical area intrigues me. For that reason there was no doubt the Dartmoor Derby was an event I wanted to learn more about so it was great to get involved in the pilot weekend. The brainchild of Elaine Prior — founder of the Dartmoor-based riding holiday company Liberty Trails — the event was loosely inspired by Elaine’s experience of African riding safaris which she combined with visions of the Mongol Derby. Having not experienced either of these first-hand, I was able to take a fresh look at the whole concept and to enjoy it rather than making comparisons in my head. Read more at

Liberty Trails makes it into How to Spend IT

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Liberty Trails makes it into How to Spend IT JUNE 07 2015 SOPHY ROBERTS New equestrian adventures with gastronomic flair and luxury hotels The pursuit of freedom has always been behind great weekend travel experiences, whether it’s on horseback or by automobile. Noteworthy in England is a new riding safari company, Liberty Trails (, which takes competent riders on guided, galloping, gastronomic tours in and around Dartmoor in Devon, staying in luxury hotels.

See what the FT’s How to Spend IT Says About New Equestrian Adventures with Gastronomic Flair and Luxury Hotels 

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The pursuit of freedom has always been behind great travel experiences, whether it’s on horseback or by automobile. Noteworthy in England is a new riding safari company, Liberty Trails (, which takes competent riders on guided, galloping, gastronomic tours in and around Dartmoor in Devon, staying in luxury hotels.

Tara Russell’s vivid account of a ride in the wild

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Tara Russell from Hampshire Society Magazine joined us for a ride in the wild on Dartmoor I dare not move a muscle. My new friend’s nostrils flare wide open and within seconds he is galloping across the open moor leaving me to suck in the mouthfuls of cold air streaming between his ears. I’ve ridden horses since I was just six years old but, for the first time ever, here in the Dartmoor wilderness, I can truly understand the meaning of the phrase ‘in riding a horse we borrow freedom’. […]

Bovey Castle announces partnership with Liberty Trails to offer Horse-riding holidays

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Bovey Castle has partnered luxury horseback experience specialist Liberty Trails to offer thrilling Horse Riding Holidays in Dartmoor National Park Guests staying at the stunning country manor house hotel can now escape from it all and explore some of the most rugged, unspoilt countryside in England on horseback. Led by a local guide with unrivaled knowledge of the area, guests will explore heather-clad hills, open moorland, ancient woodland, wild rivers, standing stones and world-famous granite rock formations. Guests are welcome to ride their own horse and use Liberty Trails’ first-class private stable yard or hire an American Quarter Horse that has been bred on Dartmoor. At the end of each day, riders return to beautiful Bovey Castle for a reviving spa treatment before indulging in the superb food and hospitality of one of Bovey’s restaurants. General Manager Greg Fehler said: “Bovey Castle is renowned for the fantastic range of outdoor pursuits and activities available to guests and we’re delighted to be working with Liberty Trails to offer yet another unforgettable experience. Dartmoor provides one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK and easily compares with some of the best riding destinations in the world.” The three-night horse-riding break starts at £1,500 per person based on selected departures during 2015. The price includes three nights at Bovey Castle with breakfast, evening meal plus two spa treatments. Also included is livery for three nights for guests’ own horse or two full days’ horse hire with a full day guided trail riding on the first day and options on the second. These include: a full day ride at hunting pace accompanied by an expert falconer; or a full day guided trail or half-day ride with spa treatment [...]