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Bonding with your horse on Dartmoor

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Wide, expansive landscapes, rushing rivers, ancient forests… Dartmoor’s terrain is nothing if not varied. Dartmoor has long been the inspiration for many an author, poet and explorer, each entranced in their own way by her natural beauty and deep heritage. And Dartmoor’s variety extends beyond physical landcape, often touching at something much deeper… On hot, sunny days, you’ll find yourself in a luscious, green paradise - warm and welcoming. But when the weather turns, so can her welcome… Mist and heavy clouds shroud the moorland in an air of mystery, a bleak kind of beauty. This is, let’s not forget, the place that inspired Hound of Baskervilles… But it’s in this range of landscape and the emotions they evoke that the true magic of Dartmoor is revealed. As horse owners ourselves, we understand more than anyone the special bond between horse and rider. Having been fortunate enough to grow up riding on Dartmoor, we believe that this part of the world offers something truly magical and unique for both horse and rider. We’d be lying if we said Dartmoor is an ‘easy ride’… The weather alone can be a challenge. Often changeable from one moment to the next, mists can descend in minutes making it difficult to see which way you’re going. Hidden bogs are dangerous to those who aren’t familiar with what to look out for, and prolonged wet spells can make some rivers impassable at the wrong time of year. But all this simply adds to the sense of adventure that comes from riding Dartmoor… No two rides on Dartmoor will ever be the same. And with the right people, clothes and gear in place, memories made here are nothing short of [...]

Land & Business features The Dartmoor Derby

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Land & Business declare The Dartmoor Derby as a proudly west country event The Dartmoor Derby aims to couple many of the pleasures of a luxury African Riding Safari with much of makes Dartmoor world renowned. This is a proudly west country event with superb local produce (Dartmoor farmers provided outstanding beef and lamb) hotels and wonderful insightful guides from the local farming, hunting and riding community Dartmoor's beauty defies description, as Steven Spielberg found when he came to film War Horse there, but exploring it on horseback for any length of time requires good support. "Having ridden many miles across Dartmoor accompanying guests from around the world, it struck me that several places would lend themselves brilliantly to hosting a luxury camp", says Elaine Prior who also has an established luxury riding holiday firm on the more, Liberty Trails, a CLA member. "With undulating vistas, total peace, and miles of moorland inaccessible except on foot or horseback, it has much in common with Africa.  Yet few people have the opportunity to explore it comprehensively on horseback because of the logistical support required to do so". Thus her idea for the Dartmoor Derby was born.  Inspired by the widespread interest in the daring Mongol Derby and the enduring success of African riding safaris, the Dartmoor Derby is not a race itself, but a multi-day challenge ride.  It's a chance to explore fully some of Britain's best-loved countryside in luxury, in small groups of not more than six, led by guides who know the country intimately, for anywhere between three and six days. With the support of Dartmoor National Park, Visit England, local landowners and other agencies, and with some high profile Devon names backing [...]

Lost your nerve? Dartmoor for the non-horsey

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Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of galloping across Dartmoor’s wild and expansive landscape…  It’s the kind of feeling that never leaves you, and it’s fantastic to be able to share this with our guests.  In fact, the very idea behind Liberty Trails came about as a combined expression of our love of horses and a passion for Dartmoor.  However, in this particular post we’d like to pay special attention to the second part of that statement….  After all, we recognise that gallavanting across Dartmoor at high speed isn’t everyone’s idea of fun!  Having grown up enjoying everything this beautiful corner of the world has to offer, it’s first and foremost our mission to share this with our guests - in whatever form that might take.  And of course, riding is just one of a multitude of ways to explore Dartmoor. Many of the people that come to join us on Dartmoor do so alongside family members or friends who aren’t such keen riders.  And we love the variety that provides…  In the past, we’ve organised a whole host of different activities for our guests such a climbing, fishing, hiking, archery, cooking lessons…  You name it - Dartmoor has it.  And we’re here to prove it. If you’re into fishing, you’re in for a treat because our friends at The Arundell Arms Hotel happen to be one of the best fishing hotels around.  And that’s no exaggeration, having recently been voted the Best Fishing School in the UK.  They cater for beginners alongside more advanced anglers, and offer everything in-between. For those that prefer to explore on foot rather than horseback, there are lots of beautiful walks to be enjoyed on Dartmoor.  Whether you’re looking for [...]