Celebrate in Style: Horse Parties at Saddle Tor

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We all love a good celebration. But let’s face it, birthday’s often end up being a bit of a chore… Hours spent organising and gathering troups can end up spoiling the fun of the big day. It’s with precisely this in mind that we developed the concept behind our Horse Parties at Saddle Tor… To put the fun back in the parties. And fun it certainly is! This really is every horse lover’s dream - a luxury house party with hours on horseback spent exploring fantastic countryside, oven-ready meals created by a Master Chef of Great Britain using the very finest local produce…. And perhaps most importantly, plenty of time to kick-back and unwind amongst friends. The feedback we’ve received so far seems to confirm the same. Here’s a taster from one of our most recent guests, “The house was gorgeous, and luxurious, and beautiful and made for a very happy time with our lovely friends. Thank you for accomodating the changing numbers on a nightly basis, and the gluten free basket was just incredible… The riding was fabulous, and as you know, Boots and I want more, more, more!” Most importantly, we recognise that everyone is different… And that’s why all of our riding adventures are completely tailor-made to suit your group. Looking to spend hours in the saddle, but have a friend who isn’t so keen? There are all sorts of other fun activities we can organise to run alongside your ride, whilst ensuring you link up together for a shared lunch or tea. Perhaps you’d rather have five hours riding one day but only two the next, and then a trip to the spa later on? Anything’s possible on Dartmoor, and [...]