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Horseback Safaris on Dartmoor

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Liberty Trails is fast converting adventurous types from around the world to the wonders of riding through the unspoiled wilds of Dartmoor in south west England. The Dartmoor National Park can be reached by train from London in just two-and-a-half hours - yet it offers more than 350 square miles of largely unrestricted access to walkers and, more excitingly, riders. The packages typically last three nights and two days with rides taking up to five hours and covering up to 25 miles per day- although, since the service is entirely bespoke, any aspect of the holiday can be tailored to individual requirements. Clients can either bring their own horse or, for no extra charge, ride one of the company’s American Quarter Horses. It has to be emphasised that this is not something for novice riders, but for confident horsemen and women who are looking for the opportunity to really escape out in to the wild in the company of guides with considerable experience and extensive local knowledge. Elaine Prior, who grew up in the area on her family's stud farm and has spent decades riding across Dartmoor is now offering her wealth of experience to others through the high-end Liberty Trails vacation packages. "We have welcomed clients from around the world, and even those who are lucky enough to live in the open spaces of Africa or America have been left amazed at the beauty of Dartmoor and the incredible freedom provided by its vastness and the variety of its landscape, which includes valleys, forests, grassland, rivers and, of course, the towering rock formations known as tors" A typical package of three nights and two days starts for a party of five booking together [...]